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Those who followed the buildup of the station hack
will now notice it has morphed into a nice
32 ford pick up
using the custom built frame we will now complete it as a 
real hot rod
not a street rod and not a rat rod
the owner has completed a nice homemade box
we will tweek the angles at a later date.
for now we reinforce the cab and install floor and align the doors
make it steer and stop
delivery November 2007

December 9 2007

changed the angle on the box sides and narrowed slightly

December 16 2007
start building floorboards and firewall

unique "UNISTEER" rack and pinion steering

battery box

start of the plumbing

the plumbing is almost complete

tupperware dash

a thin column is on order

it will not be long and the project will be taken apart and painted.
the bodyshop is ready to start work on the cab and the owner will prep the frame.

good progress been made
the project was delivered November 2007 and it is now January 2008
on time and budget for a spring launch

end caps to finish off the frame

owner designed column mount

tupperware dash

February 9, 2008  most of the fabrication is now complete
the truck is being returned to the owners garage to be taken apart
and the final grinding and finishing and painting of the frame and components

after that the body will be taken to the body shop

the truck will be returned to trolls shop for final wiring and finishing in a couple of months

so far right on schedule and budget

Spring 2013 project is almost ready for debut